2 Ways To Withdraw Employees Provident Fund

Withdraw Employees Provident Fund 2021

Withdraw Employees Provident Fund, which Companies provide for the worker’s compensation.

EPF or PF is a corpus store that develops on extended, step-by-step dynamic help.

You contribute your basic compensation share continuously, around 12%, while the business contributes an even sum. The public authority pays an attractive interest.

While it is imminent to withdraw part of the entire PF amount before retirement, we experience certain conditions that drive us to deliver to this corpus reserve.

How To Withdraw Employees Provident Fund

Below are some of the working methods by which you can easily withdraw employees’ provident funds.

#1. Check PF Balance

It’s imperative to check PF Balance before you withdraw employees’ provident funds. You have to provide the essential documents described in the next topic.

There is the simplest way to check PF Balance before you withdraw employees’ provident funds.

  • EPFO Official website
  • You can Check through the UMANG app
  •  SMS
  • Visit nearest EPFO office

After knowing you’re off balance, it will be easy for you to withdraw employees’ provident funds.

#2. Make Documents ready

Before you withdraw Employees Provident Fund, you should prepare your documents. Documents will be required at the time to start employees’ provident fund.

To withdraw employees’ provident funds physically or online, you require the below-mentioned documents.

  • Universal Account Number (UAN) issued by EPFO
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar card

The above documents will be required at the time of verification or registration.

Withdraw Employees Provident Fund Online

To withdraw employees’ provident funds online, you need to follow the below guides.

Essential Points Before You Withdraw Employees Provident Fund Online.

UAN is one of the most essential for your transaction through EPFO or UMANG.

Your Mobile number must be registered with the EPFO website to receive OPT.

If you don’t have UAN, you must visit the nearest EPFO office to withdraw employees’ provident fund with your valid pan card, Aadhar card, and other essential documents.

Also, to update your mobile number, you must visit the nearest EPFO Office by providing your original documents.

Withdraw PF From EPFO Official Website

  • You need to file a PF withdrawal claim online to withdraw employees’ provident funds online through EPFO Official website.
  • Register to the EPFO site as a user using your UAN with personal details.
  • Once registration successful, visit the option claims/member Account transfer.
  • After, you require to fill in your details and your UAN.
  • After filling in your details, click on the Claim link.
  • The claim form will be open.
  • Fill the claim form with your details.
  • Now, confirm the transaction with your OTP (One time password) on your registered mobile number.
  • Get Aadhar OTP and validate.

Now, your claim status will be available to check only after a week.

Withdraw PF From Umang App

If you found any problems in withdrawing employees’ provident funds online through the EPFO website, follow the below steps to withdraw employees’ provident funds from the UMANG app.

1) Download the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application) app from the play store.

2) Now, fill in the necessary information to complete your registration on the UMANG app. It’s simple. You require to verify your mobile number with OPT (one-time password).

3) Now, after, registration visit the menu options, you will find the EPFO logo.

4) Press on the EPFO logo. This app will now show you the various services.

5) Choose ‘Employees Centric Services’ on the app.

6) This option will show you the various services, like – complete withdrawal of employees provident fund and partial withdrawal of employees provident fund.

7) Choose your desired service and proceed.

8) Now, you will require to provide here UAN (Universal Account Number) with your details to verify your identity.

9) Now, you will receive OTP

10) After filling the form, press on ok to withdraw employees’ provident fund.

11) It will show you a pop-up message that EPFO has received your request.

After, few days You can easily see the status of your claim. EPFO holds the Account and proceeds further, which requires time.


Above are the ways to withdraw employees’ provident fund online hope! You can now able to withdraw PF without any problems.

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