Top 7 Most Expensive KPop Mvs (2022 Update)

Most Expensive KPop Mvs: What would K-Pop be without the highly entertaining music videos? Seriously, the MV’s themselves definitely make K-Pop.

Top 7 Most Expensive KPop Mvs Established in the 1990s, K-pop burst into global knowledge in the early part of the 21st century. Psy’s “ Gangnam Style,” released in 2012, was the first videotape to reach a billion views on YouTube.

Moment K-pop dominates music maps across East Asia and is popular all over the world — thanks in large part to the kidney’s slick product and emphasis on the visual. K-pop music vids are frequently outrageously lavish affairs, with dramatic stories, wild special goods, and uber-tight cotillion routines. Then are some of the biggest budget K-pop vids out there Most Expensive KPop Mvs

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List of Top 7 Most Expensive KPop MVs

What would K-Pop be without the largely amusing music vids? Seriously, the MV’s themselves surely make K-Pop much more pleasurable than just the music alone occasionally. about Most Expensive KPop Mvs

Most Expensive KPop Mvs

#1. Cry Cry by T-ARA

Cry Cry” by T-ARA will go down in K-Pop MV history as one of the longest and most violent music vids by any group. The group created a drama interpretation of their MV, in addition to, another MV that stressed the group’s performance capacities ( away from acting, of course).” Cry Cry” along with” Lovey Dovey” has an estimated product cost of$!

#2. Further & Further” – Doubly

The videotape for “ Further & Further” is a gorgeous psychedelic trip through paradise or a Garden of Eden of feathers. The members of Doubly live in this vibrant geography, girdled by bright neon leafage and creatures. There’s a bohemian vibe to it all, evocative of summer music carnivals and islet recesses,

and the clip is largely choreography- concentrated with soaring shots of the group dancing on a flashing platform on a lake. The absolute highlight is the unforeseen switch up to the dubstep- pigmented dance break at the ground, led confidently by Doubly’s main cotillion and voice Momo.

#3. Stay Tonight” – Chungha

Chungha takes the occasion to idol her fantastic background hop in the choreography- concentrated clip for “ Stay Tonight.” The videotape showcases their chops in voguing, tutting, executing complex conformations, and of course, their fantastic cooperation and confidence as they match the songster’s dynamic energy.

Covered in haute couture and shimmer, Chungha herself is the picture of glamour and pop princess finesse as she leads her platoon through the payoff point choreography of the videotape during the deep house ground.

#4. After School,” Weekly

With only two EPs under their belt before releasing their rearmost design We Play, the seven members of Weekly have formerly earned great celebrity as rising icons of cheery pop. “ After School” has only strengthened that character.

An instant energy supporter with an upbeat air, the track describes the expectation of staying for the last academy bell to ring and the bottomless freedom that comes with it. “ Ready, set, go! Feel it,” the members chant.

Weekly may be singing about the conditioning that be after classes, but “ After School” invites all to carouse in the rush of being free of liabilities — academic or else — for three twinkles.

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#5. illa illa,”B.I

illa illa” — named haebyeon or “ sand” in Korean — jerks at the heartstrings from its first moments “ Oh, at the end of my sleeves is a sand/‘cause I wiped out the water flowing on both cheeks,” B. I sing In this title track for his first read as a solo artist (he left boy group iKon in 2019), B. He sings painting lyrics that compare his gashes to the ocean.

As he painlessly shifts between singing and rapping across mellow instrumentals, the artist adds to the pictorial imagery with piercing lines like, “ I ’m swept down again by the swells that sway around my eyes.” And while it’s tempting to concentrate on the measureless nature of the ocean at strands, B. I’s conceit doesn’t end there.

On the other side of the water is dry land, and in the song’s final verses the artist triumphantly sings of not slipping new gashes. “ Though I know it’ll deteriorate/ I ’ll presumably make a sandcastle again,” he declares. With the breadth and depth of feelings he conveys, B.I. shows he’s as much a fibber as he’s a tunesmith.

#6. Song Hye-kyo

Hallyu star Song Hye-Kyo is one of the most sought actresses in South Korea with fashionability extending over to Asia. It’s been reported that the actress lately spent aroundUS$17.5 –19.5 million on a seven-time-old structure in Hannam Other than this recent splurge,

Song also owns three structures in the rich Samseong, Gangnam neighborhood. In 2020, she ended one of her parcels forUS$ 7 million. Being one of the highest-paid stars in Korea, retaining multiple parcels is no surprise for Song.

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#7. Kim Tae-hee and Rain

Besides the power couple that they are, Kim Tae-hee and Rain are also the lords and queens of real estate, — listed as the richest Korean celebrities in real estate in 2020 by Entertainment Weekly Live.

The couple reportedly ownsUS$ 72 million in real estate value. Indeed before marrying pop star Rain, Kim formerly owns three structures in Gangnam that are valued atUS$ 12 million, while Rain also has precious parcels of his own Most Expensive KPop Mvs.

He has a manor that costsUS$5.3 million, and a shopping center in Cheongdam priced atUS$21.4 million. The couple lives in a two-story house in Hannam, which they bought three months before getting married forUS$4.4 million.

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