Top 10 Most Amazing Cafes in Kolkata (Update List 2022)

Most Amazing Cafes in Kolkata: Artsy is one of our popular cafes in Kolkata, thanks to their healthy and delicious food, List of top ten cafes in Kolkata,

The top 10 Cafes in Kolkata have grown into so much further than just places to have coffee. You can catch up with musketeers, have a romantic date, read at peace, or partake in your working space.

They’ve readdressed the café culture in Kolkata with their dynamic themes and innovative décor. These are the stylish cafes in Kolkata, which are sure to make a lasting print on those who visit them formerly.

In this article, we are going to discuss Amazing Cafes in Kolkata related to all information. Stay connected with us and get all the latest updates and information.

Top 10 Most Amazing Cafes in Kolkata

Cafes in Kolkata have grown into so much further than just places to have coffee. You can catch up with musketeers, have a romantic date, read at peace, or partake in your working space. about Top 10 Most Amazing Cafes in Kolkata 2022.

Amazing Cafes in Kolkata
Amazing Cafes in Kolkata

#1. Sienna Cafe

This antique cafe on Southern Avenue has some of the coolest scenery. Everything that they serve on the menu, including the viands, is manual! Don’t miss out on their succulent coffee.

They also have some other instigative and unique particulars on their menu like spiced Hot Chocolate, Avocado Tortilla Salad, and an amazing Dark chocolate and Mandarin Orange Marble cutlet! One of the stylish cafes in Kolkata.

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#2. Paris Cafe

Opened by a youthful Cordon Bleu cook, Paris Cafe seems to get the right substance of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 hit “ C’est Si Bon”! Once you’re outside, you’ll see scenery that’s matched up to the T with French fineness.

Monotonous colors, satin, and lace on tables, fashionably designed take-down boxes, sparkling driblets of the chandelier! This cafe is completely Insta-good! Try the classic Mozzarella and Pesto (Rs. 180) and Mushroom Waffle with Cream Sauce (Rs. 160).

#3. Cafe ICanFlyy

This cute cafe run by special requirements staff is grazed with numerous games and books to keep your entertained! The classic slipup walls have a lot of quotations which are just perfect for Instagram! Binge on BBQ Spicy Funk Poppers, Rubbish Pots, and Funk Rubbish Maggi.

#4. Indian Coffee House

You can noway go awry then at the Indian Coffee House which is one of the stylish coffee shops in Kolkata! The nostalgic sense of the place with classic old-style scenery; no bone serves better coffee than these guys. This College Street resort remains a favorite with numerous. Snare a hot cuppa along with some yum croquettes and your evening is made!

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#5. 8th Day Cafe And Bakery

Still, this is the place to go, If you want lately brewed coffee and some succulent food. They have a great collection of books to keep you entertained. However, you can enjoy their board games as well, If you’re then with some musketeers. They’ve some great teas too, for all you tea people!

#6. Mrs. Magpie

Still, also go to Mrs, If bright colors and sharp scenery is your thing. Magpie. An Instagrammers dream, this cute cafe with puck tale scenery and tasty cupcakes is to die for! They’ve some great wall art as well. The staff members are extremely friendly. This is a great place to decompress after a stressful day.

#7. Kookie Jar Cafe

This café is loved for its galettes, afters, and goodies. Have coffee with eyefuls then. It’ll taste stylish!! Pizzas, shawarmas, and the thick shakes are succulent too. Perfect spot for quick mouthfuls and a heavenly feeling of goodies.

#8. Blue Mug

The out-of-door seating of this café lets you enjoy the verdure and cool air in the gloamings. The innards have good air as well. You can play the guitar or the piano if you are in the ow-how.

You don’t need special chops to read their books though!! If you like hot potables, there’s a range of fantastic tea and coffee. There are smoothies and shakes which are eternal pets.

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#9. Piccadilly Square

We’re sure that after having breakfast then, you won’t stop raving about its food!! Being then’s just like sitting in a fascinating London café. The menu has tasteful Italian and French hand dishes. The hotcakes, flapjacks are spot on, and the veggie medications are juicy too.

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#10. The Bikers Cafe

You can enjoy the cool music then while enjoying the themed décor. It’s rustic but nice and gives an easy sense of the place.

You get stylish American and European food then, along with the good old café food. It’s relatively popular among celebrities also. It’s great for breakfasts and is an ignited treat.

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