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Fantastic, incredible, outstanding performance by Mahesh Babu. Seriously nobody can match you. The amount of details that have been revealed in this movie about soldiers is excellent. And there was no dull scene in this movie. You won’t believe it. I have watched this movie with subtitles because I knew that it wouldn’t disappoint me. You might feel the storyline is similar, but the way it was picturized with ease.
It was a relief to see Mahesh Babu returning to comedy movies after two movies showing him playing the same character with slight variations! Mahesh Babu is the plus of the movie! However, I felt like someone who repeated certain dialogues a little too often that it did put me on the verge of boredom! I would say it’s an above-average movie!
Best entertainer in his career. The dialogues and the way he presented every scene are remarkable. Watching MB’s movie on the first day and that too, this movie has unleashed many variations of him… It’s a treat to every fan of him. Not only it’s a mass entertainer but a family entertainer too. The songs and background score are one of the plus points in this film… The story was simple, but the way of presenting it is very different. This movie satisfied us.
Superstar Mahesh Babu fans will get mind blocks.
Anil Ravipudi sir had a signature mark of his comedy..
Vijayashanti ma’am had a strong character with less screen space; however, she made an excellent silent comeback…
Never mind a familiar story. Just enjoy the show with everyone’s presence…
Also, the story is more about morality and respect towards our soldiers…
The second half seems lengthy, where the actual journey between hero and villain starts, but some scenes are goosebumps.
Excellent story narration
Sarileru nekevvaeu is an excellent movie. A fantastic job is done by Mahesh babu Garu Vijay Shanthi Garu, Prakash raj guru, and all technicians who worked in this film. Especially the dance was super mind-blowing unbelievable. Don’t spread negative talk until you go and watch the movie. Once again, this was a bonus to the Pongal festival. So go and enjoy the film with your family. Happy Pongal to you all in advance

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