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Sarileru Neekevvaru is a fantastic and fantastic movie. Best actions and comedy parts are peaks. This movie is more than our expectations. It’s a watchable movie for all (adults, children, and citizens). Finally, there is a message to learn for the audience, and there is a comedy to laugh at and enjoy. For MB Fans (Mahesh babu fans), the action, humor, and dance are up to the peak. You never expected scenes to be there in this movie, and I finally say that after watching a movie is “PROUD TO BR INDIA and PROUD TO BE A MAHESH BABU FAN.”
I don’t know how others will think, but I liked the movie very much, and it gave a perfect message. Its family entertainer and acting were perfect and loads of fun. I suggest not to go with expectations to any movie because according to the film and its concept, they may not reach our expectations. In this movie, Mr. Mahesh Babu’s acting was excellent, and Mrs.Vijaya Shanthi is acting superbly. This movie I never felt before ever after
Mahesh has done a great job in this movie as an Army Major, Lady Superstar Vijayashanthi’s acting was excellent, and the Intermission Fight scene is Superb and Excellent. The second half was even better by having a conversation between Mahesh Babu and Prakash Raj, and finally, Prakash Raj also changes himself going to Kashmir and Mahesh. Songs are Blockbuster Mind Block, and Dang Dang are Mass, but Sarileru Nekavvaru Anthem and Suryudivo Chandrudivo songs are emotional. Overall, hats off to Mahesh Babu and Director Anil Ravipudi.
Best entertainer in his career. The dialogues and the way he presented every scene are remarkable. Watching MB’s movie on the first day and that too, this movie has unleashed many variations of him… It’s a treat to every fan of him. Not only it’s a mass entertainer but a family entertainer too. The songs and background score are some of the plus points in this film. The story was simple, but the way of presenting it is very different. This movie satisfied us.

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