How To Fix Right Click Not Working On Windows 11

Fix Right Click Not Working

Right, Click Not Working: With Windows 11, various users are having specific issues. It’s a new version operating system of windows PC. It may be bugs or something else, which can be found by reading the full article. You are in the right place to fix it; It may have many bugs or issues.

Many users complained about Right Click Not Working Issue. But, if your Issues are still not fixed then, continue reading the below-mentioned details.

Earlier, we have fixed many windows 11 issues such as ways to improve mouse sensitivityfix headphones not working windows 11fix Bluetooth not working windows 11fix issue desktop keeps crashing windows 11, and many more.

There might be many reasons by which you faced right click not working on windows 11. These can be Common Reasons too. Maybe it can be your software or hardware issue which causes “Right Click Not Working.”

Anyway, whatever be the reason, who can resolve it. You only need to focus on the strategies or ways which we mentioned in the below details.

Method To Fix Right Click Not Working Issue On Windows 11

Fix right Click Not Working
How to fix right-click not working windows 11

We describe below different types of methods.

Hope! It might be helpful to you. If you find any difficulties, you can follow the following suitable method listed below.

Carefully read and follow the Methods to fix right-click not working windows 11.

Try To Update Mouse Drivers

On the off chance that the mouse is working fine on another PC, you may be running obsolete drivers on your PC.

You might take a stab at refreshing the mouse drivers of your PC. You can utilize the device administrator to restore the drivers of the mouse.

1) Open the beginning menu, and afterward, look for the device administrator and open it.

2) Double-tap on mice and other directing devices alternative toward growing it.

3) Here, you will see a rundown of mice that you have associated with your PC.

4) Now, choose the mouse that you are utilizing currently and then double click on it to open the mouse properties settings.

5) Now, in mouse properties settings, you will have to move to the Driver tab and press in the update driver option. Once it is done, restart the PC. And your process will be saved.

You can refresh the mouse drivers utilizing the above advances, and you will, at this point don’t face the issue with the right click not working on Windows 11.

You can even utilize outsider programming like Driver Booster and DriverPack Solution to refresh drivers.

Try To Uninstall Third-Party Program

In the event that you are dealing with this issue after introduce any outsider programming, you ought to lean toward uninstalling it.

Commonly when programming isn’t introduced accurately, then, at that point, you might confront this issue.

Uninstall the outsider programming because of which you are dealing with the issue.

Try To Scan For Viruses To Fix Right Click Not Working Issue

An infection on your PC may likewise cause this issue.

Utilize an antivirus program to filter for any infection on your PC.

In case you are not utilizing any outsider antivirus programming program, you might utilize Windows Defender to check for infections.

Try To Restart the Windows Explorer To Fix Right Click Not Working Issue

If right-click is not working on windows 11 then, restarting windows explorer can fix this Solution.

An issue like right click not working on windows might be occurred due to any system bugs and can be fixed by Restarting to windows Explorer.

Carefully read the below steps to fix right-click not working issue.

1) First of all, you need to launch the Task Manager on your Windows PC.

2) Now, Move to the Processes tab in task manager and then search for Windows Explorer.

3) Finally, Choose Windows Explorer, then press the Restart button.

It can restart Windows Explorer on your Windows PC. Now, we hope! That you are now enjoying by fixing right-click not working windows 11.

Try To Find Out Hardware Issue in Your Mouse

After trying all the above-mentioned details, if your issue to fix right-click not working windows 11 then, the the probability might be of hardware issue.

You need to finalize whether your mouse is ok or not. You need to check it with another computer.

If your mouse is ok then, it might have another problem. i.e., Software issues or USB Ports Issues.

If your mouse had a Software issue then, it can be fixed by the above-mentioned lists of methods.

Or, if it had USB Ports Issues then, check it out. It might be caused by Right Click Not Working issue.

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And if not then, you need to fix the hardware issue or simply change your mouse to fix the right click not working on windows 11.


Above are the strategies that can fix your right-click, not working issues. If you had problems with your mouse, you could fix them with this method. We Hope! that the above-mentioned details might solve your issue. If not then, plz comments below. We will try to add more Methods To Fix the Right Click Not Working Issue on Windows 11.


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