Refresh Option Windows 11 Missing? Get Refresh Button

Refresh Option Windows 11

Refresh Option Windows 11: Windows latest version had indeed brought several changes in the UI.

Most of us want to have windows’ latest updates, and when you upgrade windows 10 to windows 11, you find that the refresh option is no longer available.

Refresh option windows 11 is the go-to option for the users whenever users’ devices slow.

Refresh Windows 11 helps users’ systems update items on the screen and prevents the system’s lag.

Also, Refresh Windows 11 helps in temporarily getting rid of the bugs on the user’s system.

But after, updating windows 11, you observed that the refresh option is no longer available. And the lack of a refresh option might create several Issues with your system.

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Most of the users are unaware of the refresh option windows 11 or unsure of the Refresh button.

How To Add Refresh Option Windows 11

If you are concerned about Windows 11 refresh button, you must follow the below-mentioned details.

With the bottom line update for Windows 11 (build 2200.65 dev), the refresh option has been moved to the highest point of the Settings menu.

If you haven’t refreshed Windows 11 or are having refreshing difficulty, you can follow this guide.

Methods To Add Refresh Option Windows 11

The refresh button has not been taken out from Windows 11. However, it has been covered up.

Indeed, you read that effectively. The refresh button is available, yet it is covered up.

On Windows 10, Users needed to right-tap on space in their work area before raising a set menu with the ‘refresh’ button.

At the point when you right-click on a space on the work area in Windows 11, you’ll see an alternate setting menu than in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7.

This is how the setting menu looks:

Quickly Get Refresh Option Windows 11

Below you need to follow up the basic steps by steps guide for the refresh option windows 11.


1) Press the right-click option in space in the home screen of Desktop. If you wish the old context menu of windows ten access, you will find the option Show More Option-click on it after clicking on space.

Windows 11 Refresh Option

Windows 11 Refresh Option2) You will find the Refresh button over here after it opens the classic context menu. Now you need to click on the ‘Refresh to refresh your system.

Refresh option windows 11
Refresh option windows 11

Many users find this process a lengthy process, but this can be shortly done after you press on the ‘F5‘ Option for your system refresh. Many users don’t find an option for refresh option windows 11 then; this shortcut key is used to refresh it.

Tricks: Shortcut Key ‘F5’ Can be used to refresh your system.

Many users utilize this key as they don’t find the refresh option windows 11.

You only need to press the F5 Button if you find any difficulties.


Most of the users files complain that the refresh option windows 11 is missing.

This option is missing when you update your operating system with the latest one, window 11.

Whenever users updated windows 10 to windows 11, they find Different issues like the missing refresh option.

But Refresh Option Windows 11 is not missing. It might be hidden, and users can access it.

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