Methods To Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11

Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11

If your Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11, you should follow these guides to fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11. Especially when you do important work and your desktop crashes frequently.

Crashing a Desktop has various reasons. Sometimes it crashes when your desktop required some repairs.

If you are really in search to Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11 you must follow the below-mentioned details.

Know Common Reasons To Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11

These are some of the common reasons by which users desktop crashes frequently. To make sure and to fix Desktop keeps crashing windows 11 know the common reasons below:

1) Over-heating Issues.

2) Check For Malware

3) Problem with Storage and With Ram

4) Power Issues

5) Updating Driver

Common Ways To Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11

To Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11, there are numerous ways but, here we will only work on the most effective ways to fix it.

1) Try To Fix Over-heating issues

On the off chance that your Windows 11 work area continues to crash, it could be because your PC or work area is overheating.

If your PC overheats, this may crash your framework, and this is the point at which you can experience a blue screen of death.

Your PC can overheat because of different reasons. On the off chance that you have a go at doing some substantial undertakings, you should guarantee that your PC should get legitimate ventilation.

Guarantee your CPU bureau isn’t encased by a divider, and the wind current shouldn’t be obstructed. This may not leave adequate room for ventilation.

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Additionally, guarantee every one of the fans is working effectively. Clean your PC as often as possible to eliminate any residue and soil on the fans and inside of the bureau.

In case you are utilizing a PC, keep it on a level surface rather than a cover or lap while doing a hefty assignment additionally, if your PC overheats while gaming or such stuff, you can utilize a cooling cushion to keep up with the temperature of the CPU.

2) Try To Fix Malware Infection

Malware and infections can also sabotage your infrastructure. If an infection or malware has corrupted your PC, your PC may continue to crash.

However, to overcome this problem, it is prudent to do an antivirus and anti-malware check.

You should use Windows Defender to filter your PC for any infections or malware. Despite this, if you use any other antivirus program, it is advisable to check your PC using it.

3) Try To Fix RAM And Storage Problems

Most Of the times Ram and the storage issue might crash your desktop frequently. All the programs and temporary data are stored in RAM.

Whenever your Windows PC try’s to get its data’s from your RAM it won’t do so, as a result, your desktop crashes frequently.

Another reason might be your SSD or HDD in your Windows PC. These can also create problems with continuous desktop crashing.

You must encounter these issues to fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11.

4) Try To Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11 By Power Issue

An issue with the power supply can be the reason you may deal with issues like Windows 11 work area continues to crash.

In case your PC’s power supply is harmed, it might vary, subsequently making your framework crash.

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You may check the issue with the power supply. Have a go at getting it fixed and checking if it takes care of the issue or not.

5) Try To Update Driver

Assuming the drivers on your PC are obsolete, additionally, you may confront this issue.

To beat this issue, you will then, at that point need to refresh the obsolete drivers on your PC. To refresh the driver on your PC, follow the means given beneath


  • Click to windows+I Button keys for windows settings.
  • Check for updates from windows updates.
Desktop keeps crashing windows 11
Desktop keeps crashing windows 11
  • Your PC will start checking for any updates. You will get a driver update when you check for the Windows update.
  • The driver’s update will be available in the discretionary update segment. Introduce the updates, and restart your PC to check if the issue is settled.

You can also use an external application such as Driver Booster or DriverPack Solution to download and offer the latest driver refresh.

If you are using a PC, you can go to the manufacturer’s site, and you will find the drivers for the PC you are using.

6) Try To Fix Using Run SFC Scan

Last But Not Least, You can Fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11 by running SFC Scan. Follow the steps given below.

Fix desktop keeps crashing windows 11
Fix desktop keeps crashing windows 11
  • You need to search for the Commands prompt from the start menu. Press right on it. Next Press to Run As Administrator. And in the command prompt, you are required to type the command SFC/Scannow and run it.
  • It will find and fix your system Corrupted Files.
  • After, you did you need to restart the windows pc.

Now, your issue to fix Desktop Keeps Crashing Windows 11 is fixed and your strength won’t crash anymore.


Hope! your issue is fixed now. Users facing error with desktop keeps crashing windows 11 has fixed in the above-mentioned details. If you have any doubt or have any issue with your windows 11 you can share us in the below comments.


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