How To Change Dns Server Windows 10 In 2021

Change Dns server Windows 10

Change DNS server windows 10: The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system for computers and devices connected to the Internet or a private network. Why DNS is essential, and why you all know how to change and flush DNS in your Windows 10.

Why Change DNS?

There might be several questions that arrive at your mind that why change DNS on the Device? There are several benefits of changing DNS on your Device.

1) You are free to access the internet data blocked in your region for use.

2) Also, you can filter several contents you may access on the Device.

3) if you change DNS, Your Device protection is increased.

4) Changing the DNS server will improve your internet connection only through DNS change.

There are various others benefits too. Hope! Now you understand the benefits of Change the DNS Server to Windows 10.

We have discussed below working Methods to Change Dns Server Windows 10.

Some Of The Best DNS servers that can use to change Dns Server Windows 10

Cloudflare: and

OpenDNS: and

Google Public DNS: and

How To Change Dns Server Windows 10

To Change Dns Server Windows 10, follow the below-mentioned details.

Method 1: Try To Use Command Prompt

To Change Dns Server Windows 10, we have brought methods using the command prompt. Try to use the command prompt if you want to change Dns Server Windows 10.

1) As an administrator, runs the ‘Command Prompt’ to your P.C.

2) In the text box, you need to type ‘Ram‘ and Press Enter key. Again, order ‘interface show interface’ and type Enter key.

3) Now, Now, you are required to type the command listed below.

interface I.P. set DNS


source=” static”


Remember: Remember that it is compulsory to change the ADAPTOR-NAME with your network adaptor name. Also, you are needed to write up the address of the DNS Server you wish to use on X.X.X.X.

Method 2: Through Cpanel (Control Panel) On Windows 10

1) In Control Panel, go to the ‘Network and Sharing Centre’ next click on ‘Change adapter settings.

2) Now, you need to right-click on the network on which your Device had connected. After that, you have to click on the ‘properties’ option from the menu options which appear on your screen.

3) From the list, press on the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and After, press on the ‘Properties’ option.

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4) Now, Find the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ tickbox; after that, enter on Alternate Dns and preferred DNS from the dedicated sections.

Method 3: Through Settings

It is the last Method to change DNS on your Windows ten via settings; follow the below steps;

1) On Windows 10 P.C. open Settings.

2) Depends on your interest connection; choose WiFi or Ethernet on Network & Internet section settings.

3) Press on the edit option in the ‘Ip address‘ section.

4) Press on the ‘Edit Ip address‘ for opening the menu. Now, select the Manual option from the list and save.

5) here, you have to enter your preferred DNS and alternative DNS in the dedicated text box by enabling Ipv4

6) Now, at last, you only need to click on the save option to apply changes.


We Hope! Your issue change DNS server windows ten has been solved now. If you face any difficulty changing DNS server windows ten, you can comment to us below. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

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