Fix Windows 11 Green Screen Of Death Error 2021

Methods To Fix Windows 11 Green Screen Of Death Crash Error

Green Screen of Death: (GSOD) is a common mistake that many clients are facing when moving to Windows 11.

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) problem may be unrecognizable to you. Both BSOD and GSOD are faults that prevent your PC from running properly.

The main difference is that the green screen issue with Windows 11 is present in the Insider Preview build right now.

Working Methods To Fix Windows 11 Green Screen Of Death Error

Follow the most useful and effective methods to fix your issue green screen of death. You don’t have to be panic about this. Just follow the below-mentioned details.

#1. Try To Uninstall APK From Your Computer

This method should be beneficial if you are getting a Green Screen of Death error while installing any program. You should uninstall such programs to fix the Windows 11 Green Screen of Death error.

  • First, for uninstalling the APK on your Pc, just move on the settings on your computer. Also, by the windows+I button, you can directly move.
  • Now, in settings, from the left sidebar, you need to go to the apps or programs section.
  • You need to press the apps & features in that section bar.
  • At last, you need to uninstall the unwanted programs from the list given. There you will find three ellipses next to the application that you choose to uninstall, and press to uninstall.

#2. Try To Uninstall the Updates

Most of the time many users faces the same Green Screen of Death error. Due to the installation of updates.

This leads to crashes or stops working properly on your computer. After, installation of Updates if you thaughts might be a problem then, follow the steps below to uninstall the updates.

  • Move to the windows Update options from the settings.
  • Now, find the update history and press on it from windows update.
  • At last, for uninstalling you need to press on Uninstall updates. It will Uninstall the Updates which you recently updated.

We hope this might solve your windows 11 green screen of death error.

#3. Try To Update Graphic Card Driver

The green screen of death error occurred most of the time due to the outdated graphic card driver. You need to update the graphic card driver.

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If you have not updated the graphic Card Driver on your computer then, you must try this method to fix the green screen of death error on your Windows 11 PC.


  • Move to the start menus, search for the device manager and press on it.
  • From the Device Manager, press on the Display adaptor by double-clicking on that.
  • This will highlight the graphic card lists on your computer. Now, right-click to the individual graphic card and then, press update driver.

#4. Try To Reset The Pc.

After, trying the above-mentioned details if you are unable to fix the green screen of death error that occurred on your Windows 11 PC.

Then, try this method. In this method, you have to reset your Pc. You must ensure that you have a backup of your files before you proceed to reset your Pc.


  • Go to settings, from the Start menu option.
  • Windows update section, from the left sidebar you have to visit.
  • Press on the advance option, and then on the recovery option.
  • Now, here option for the reset to pc will be clearly visible, press to the reset Pc option.
  • Now, you will be provided two options, for keeping files or permanently removing everything.
  • Continue with a selection of the desired option.

By, doing this you can completely reset the window Pc. Also, if you wish to reinstall the windows fresh version. Then, you can do that.

For this, you need to create windows 10 bootable USB Media, and then, install windows 10 on your computer by removing windows 11 which is presently running on your Pc.


We hope! That your issue related to Windows 11 Green Screen of Death might be fixed now. If you have any doubt you may ask us in the below comments.


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