Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped 2021

Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped: Issue with Messanger makes users frustrated. While doing important discussion on Messanger if your Messanger, unfortunately, stoped then, you will feel bad.

By the daily use of your Messanger, and due to several other aspects your Messanger might show you a pop-up message “Unfortunately Messanger Has Stopped”.

For Example- When most of the time we suffer online content, available on the internet many website’s cookies are saved on our Browser.

And due to which many times you may feel suddenly errors occurred in your browser.

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Likewise while chatting with others in Messanger you might face an error showing “unfortunately Messanger has stopped”.

So, don’t worry in this article we had listed some of the widely used methods which many users used to “fix unfortunately Messanger has stopped”

Messenger Overview

Messenger is an online platform that is used to communicate one person to another or to a group of people from one place to another. It had changed many people’s lives and helped many businesses to grow.

It was introduced in the year 2010, with its advance and wonderful features. It had given competition to many alternatives online chatting companies.

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But, with day to day, advanced features and updates Messanger had gained Words Of Mouth from people.

It had given the best user interface and chatting experience to users. Many smartphone companies decided as mandatory to have it in new smartphones.

There might be some bugs or other reasons by which you faced errors let’s know in detail below.

Methods To Fix Unfortunately Messanger Has Stopped Error

Fix Unfortunately Messenger stopped
Fix Unfortunately Messenger stopped

Above We informed you about some Common Reasons and overview on Messanger.

Now you must Check below to overcome with error unfortunately Messanger has stopped.

Try To Clear Data Or Chache Files

Many times, due to several uses of Messanger you might face the “unfortunately Messanger has stopped” error.

Due to daily usage Chache and other unwanted data are stored in Messanger. Due to which error occurs.

1) Move to the ‘settings’ into your Device.

2) Now, click on the ‘Application Manager‘ then, search for the ‘Messanger‘ APK in the list.

3) After, you find it, press on it. On the screen of your windows Device, a new screen will be open. Here, clear cache and clear data options will be seen.

4) Now, clear data and the caches to start using. Next, restart your android device in order to allow your Device.

At last, try to open Messanger APK in the device. Your error might be fixed.

Try To Reinstall Facebook Messanger

1) Open the browser, in the search bar copy and paste ” ” and press Enter/Go.

2) Now you will be redirected to Google Play Store and there you will find an install button with features and version details.

3) press on install button.

4) once it is downloaded and installed on your device you can find it on your device Home Screen.

5) Now, log in with your username and password and start using your Messanger without any issues.

Hope! Now, your issue had fixed. If still it showing any issues or ‘unfortunately messenger has stopped‘ then, follow our next method.

Try To Re-start Your Android Device

Many times issue Arrives due to your smartphone over-heating, network issue, storage issue, etc.

If your device has an issue with the network and any other then, it might be fixed by restarting it. If you restart your android device you may feel that your device works better.

  • Re-start the android device by pressing the power button.
  • After, it re-start your device works well


Hope! Your issue with ‘unfortunately messenger has stopped‘ and you are enjoying on Messanger.


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