Method To Fix Low Fps Windows 11 Game Problem

Low FPS Issue On Windows 11

When you play games on your PC, it’s most important to have better graphics. Without graphics, your gaming experience may affect.

You can enjoy the gaming experience only when you do not face Low FPS Issue. This issue can disturb your gaming.

 You have to fix low Fps issues. Either your PC is strong enough but, you need to resolve this issue.

Reasons For Low FPS Issue

Reason for low FPS

There can be different reasons for Low FPS issues. You can fix low Fps issues with various strategies. We have mentioned some effective methods below.

Suppose you are in search of ways to fix the Low Fps issue. Then, it would help if you continued reading the below-mentioned details.

How To Fix Low FPS Issues On Windows 11

How to Fix Low FPS Issues

Below are the best ways to resolve Low FPS Issues. Kindly follow each step carefully and fix your issue.

Try To Update Driver

While playing your favourite game, you might have faced Windows 11 of Low FPS issues if you had not updated the graphic driver. Follow the below step-by-step guide to updating the driver.

1) Open the system administrator or Device Manager on your PC.

2) In the System administrator/Device Manager, grow show connectors by double-tapping on them.

3) Now, only you need to press right-click in your graphic card then, click on the Update Driver option. It would help if you did this separately for every one of the graphics cards on your PC.

4) Once done, restart your PC, and take a stab at rerunning the game.

You can easily download that driver from the official website of the graphic card designer company.

Also, if you utilize AMD Graphics Card, you can move to the official Website of AMD for Downloading drivers for your models of graphic card.

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Do likewise for NVIDIA graphics cards, head to the authority site of NVIDIA, and you can download the drivers from that point.

Try To Remove Temporary Files

Cleaning temporary documents will likewise improve the exhibition of your PC.

Temporary documents involve capacity on your PC and corrupt the presentation of your PC.

You can clean temporary records on your PC to enhance execution.

To erase the temporary documents, click on the beginning symbol, quest for %temp% and open it.

It can open the temporary file’s history. You can easily remove Temporary Files or data from here manually of your Windows PC.

Try To Enable Gaming Mode

Make sure that you empower game mode on your PC.

Enabling Game Mode in your Windows PC can Focus on your Gaming experience, and you will get an excellent rating while playing games.

You can empower game mode to forestall low FPS when gaming on Windows 11.

1) Open the settings on your PC.

2) Head to the gaming segment from the left sidebar.

3) In the gaming segment, click on game mode. Empower the game mode switch from here.

Try To Clean Dust/Soil From Cpu Cabinet

You may face low FPS while gaming on Windows PC if there is some soil inside the CPU cabinet.

Soil and residue inside the CPU cabinet can obstruct air ventilation and cause overheating. Device Overheating affects the performance of your PC and can cause problems like low FPS.

It will help if you lean towards your feet to allow for air ventilation.

If you are using a PC, then you should lean towards getting it cleaned by an expert.

Assuming that your PC gets hot while messing up, you should be using a PC cooling cushion.

This will undoubtedly upgrade the performance of the CPU and fix the low FPS when gaming on Windows 11.

Try To Make Sure that it’s not your Network issue.

Sometimes network issues can look like a low FPS issue. So before committing to excellent performance with a fix, make sure your web association is ideal.

Low FPS could be a problem with your PC, which you should fix.

Be that as it may, assuming it is a network issue, you should check with your organization association.

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You should check your web speed and guarantee that you are not on slow web affiliation.

You can use to check web speed. Assuming that your web speed is slow, try bringing the Switch closer to your PC.

This should fix the web problem. You can likewise connect your Switch to your PC with an Ethernet link.

Assuming that didn’t fix the web problem, try restarting your Switch.

If you encounter a prolonged web issue, you should try to reach out to your ISP and resolve the issue.


The details mentioned above explained to you clearly how to solve, Low FPS Issues. We might resolve this issue from the points mentioned above. If you are still facing such issues, then, comments below, we can add more strategies to fix Low FPS Issues on windows 11.


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