Best Method Fix Airpods Mic Not Working In 2021

Airpods Mic Not Working | Mic On Airpods Not Working

Airpods Mic Not Working, Mic On Airpods Not Working: Today, nobody wants to live without listing to music or watching videos.

All of us wants to listen to music and watch videos with the best user experience.

Airpods Mic not working is the most common issue several Airpods users face.

Most users try different things to Fix Airpods Mic Not Working but Mic On Airpods Not Working.

AirPods introduced by Apple have entirely changed the earphones business.

Currently, you can remotely or wirelessly listen to music or tunes, use calls, or connect with various menial helpers within the Bluetooth radius of your cell phone / PC.

Since AirPods distantly Connected with your device, it is unsurprising that you may experience a bang when you attempt to utilize its mouthpiece.

There are numerous items regarding the hardware causes that cause this aggravation.

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Don’t worry if you are facing Airpods Mic Not Working error this issue Methods can fix it. Just follow the methods that we have described below.

How To Fix Airpods Mic Not Working error?

These are the best methods to fix Airpods Mic Not Working error. If you are in trouble with your Airpods, follow this fantastic method below.

Method 1: Try To Modify Default Microphone To Fix Airpods Mic Not Working error

Sometimes, your Airpods set to select the input microphone from any one of Airpods automatically.

It causes delay, and your microphone faces Airpods Mic Not Working error.

To fix the Airpods Mic Not Working error, follow the steps below

1) Go to Bluetooth Section, From settings on your smartphone.

2) On this section, click on Airpods in my device section.

3) By clicking on the microphone option after, choose Always Left Airpod or Always Right Airpod.

Now your AirPods will know which microphone to use instead of deciding which microphone on their own. You can also disable the automatic ear detection Option. This method should fix microphones that do not work on your AirPods.

Method 2: Update Firmware and Driver

If you are utilizing your AirPods with your PC, ensure that your Bluetooth drivers are modern. Likewise, check if your PC has the most recent firmware. If not, update it.

If none of the strategies recorded above helps you fix AirPods receivers that are not working, at that point, you need to visit an Apple store and test your AirPods expertly.

Method 3: Try To Position Your Airpods Correctly

You may not know about this, yet it has observed that countless individuals keep their AirPods erroneously. Their AirPods are straight-down points. It limits the working of your AirPods microphone.

In a perfect world, your AirPods ought to be at a point that focuses on your mouth. A slight change at the end of your AirPods can fix your Airpods Mic, not working errors.

Method 4: Try to reconnect your Airpods To fix Airpods Mic Not Working error

Hold your AirPods back on the off chance that briefly. At that point, reconnect them to your gadget.

You can fix Bluetooth on your gadget and turn it on following one moment to reconnect your AirPods.

This step should fix Airpods Mic Not Working error. If none of them works, have a go at resetting your AirPods.


Hope! These methods might work for your Airpods Mic Not Working error. Above are the most effective ways to fix Airpods Mic Not Working error. If you are still having problems, you can comment on this article. We are always there to help you.

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