Methods To Find Windows 11 Product Key 2021

Find Windows 11 Product Key

To Find Windows 11 Product Key you are required to follow some of the useful steps mentioned below. We have required a windows 11 product key for the activation.

Various sites offer users to find the windows 11 product key but, didn’t do so.

But, don’t worry here we are to find windows 11 people key for you.

We have mentioned the list of the best methods which helps users to find Windows 11 Product Key.

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If the windows on your computer are activated already then, you can find the product key by following the command prompt method below.

But, if windows have not been activated then you have to find out there are various places from where you can find the windows 11 product key.

Ways To Find Windows 11 Product Key

Below are the well-defined ways to find out the windows 11 Product Key. This product key may help you to activate windows 11. So, follow the steps below.

Windows 11 Product Key
Windows 11 product key For Activation

#1. Try To Check Purchase Receipt For Windows 11

If you bought Windows 11 and it was not pre-enacted with your Windows, you can check receipts for buys. This is the place where you will typically find windows 11 product key.

On the off chance that you bought Windows from an online store like Amazon or Microsoft, you may have gotten a mail with the product key at the hour of your buy.

You may consider checking your mail to discover the product key.

You may doubtlessly check your previous orders by signing into your record at these stores.

The product key for Windows 11 can be found via looking for the acquisition of Windows in the request history.

If you bought Windows from Microsoft, go to the Microsoft Store’s download region and afterwards to the product keys segment.

Presently on the membership page, you may track down the key to Windows 11.

#2. System Builder Licence (OEM)

If you purchased a PC with Windows and did not purchase Windows independently, you can find the product key on the OEM System Builder sticker on your PC.

OEMs affix the sticker with the product key on the CPU bur.

You can look for these stickers, and you will find the product key.

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Usually, the stickers may not be on the container on the PC yet. Check the product key on your CPU’s crate.

If you bought the PC over the web, check the receipt for the Windows product key.

#3. Try Using Command Prompt To Find Windows 11 Product Key

After, utilising the above method if you still facing any problem finding the windows 11 product key then, follow this method using CMD on Windows 11. Try Commands prompt method below;

  • Visit Start Menu, Right-click on Command prompt after, finding and run as administrator.
  • Now in the command prompt enter, these commands wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey and hit Enter.
  • Now, after the execution of this program, it will display your product key.

Now copy and save the product key anywhere so, that you can access it anytime whenever you are required.

#4. Try For Contacting Company

Last but not the least, after, all the above methods if you are still in hope of finding windows key then, you must contact the company.

This might be the last option if you didn’t find the windows 11 product key yet ! Or if you have brought it from a person then, you should visit his office or contact him for the product key.

Sometimes, it happens the company/person from whom you brought Pc might forget to provide you with the product key inside the box so, you may get it by contacting them.


We hope! Your doubt is related to finding the windows 11 product key that might be solved. If you still have confusion to find the windows 11 product key you can comment to us below. We can try to add more solutions to the list of ways to find the windows 11 product key.


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