Best Effective Methods To Speed Up Windows 11

Speed Up Windows 11 In 2021

To Speed Up Windows 11 users try many different ways. You do have different alternatives in Windows 11 to upgrade the framework and speed it up.

In the event that you don’t discover the better performance of your Windows 11 to be ideal, then, at that point, you need not stress over that.

This article will examine some approaches to assist you with enhancing Windows 11 and accelerate your PC.

Methods To Speed Up Windows 11

Below are some of the useful or most effective ways to enhance your windows PC. Try to Speed up Windows 11 by following these steps:

#1. Disable Or Turn Off Start-up Programs

In order to boost up or to speed up Windows 11, you need to turn off the Start-Up program. There are chances of having various start-up Programs in your system.

So follow the below steps to turn off the startup programs.

1) In the start menu, you need to search for task manager then open it.

2) Move to the start-up tab from the task manager.

3) Now, the list of your startup programs will be shown to you. You can clearly see which programs are active and disabled. Also, status with impacts while there startup.

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You can therefore close or disable the Particular program and protect your windows 11 from its impacts.

4) For protection you need to choose the program which you wish to stop, next press the disable option from the lower right corner.

#2. Storage Sense Feature

In windows 10 there was a storage Sense Feature. This System uses to monitor the storage of Windows pc using this feature.

It automatically deleted the unwanted files from your device and hence, free up your system from storage.

Your Unwanted files have some of the files such as temporary system files, items in the recycling bin and various others files in your system.

Below we have mentioned the details for you to turn on the Storage Sense Feature.

1) To open Settings Click Windows+I Button simultaneously.

2) From the left sidebar move to the system section in settings.

3) Now press to the storage. Next, turn on the Storage Sense Toggle.

4) At last, you can freely set-up automatically user cleanup. You can easily set up the way you want to run it and the item you wish to delete.

#3. Try Manually To Remove Unwanted Files

We have effectively talked about how you can delete temporary documents from your PC.

Though it is only a small part of the records kept on your PC. In any case, eliminating unwanted documents can help upgrade Windows 11 and make it faster than before.

Eliminate documents you no longer use or have access to and that you have the ability to.

#4. Try To Uninstall the Unwanted Programs From Your Pc To Speed up windows 11

To Speed up windows 11 the following thing that you can do is to uninstall unwanted projects from your PC.

If you have a program installed on your PC that you do not currently use, you may lean towards uninstalling it.


Foundation measures are underway in pointless projects. These basic measures keep your RAM as your CPU performance, hindering your PC later.

If you have a program on your PC that you don’t currently use, uninstall it.

#5. Try To Stop Or Off Visual Effects

Many users don’t know that the performance with the memory usage of their PC is most of the time affects by visual effects.

So, the only option if your computer is slowing down and losses performance then, stop or turn off Visual Effects.

Follow the below effective ways to disable/stop/turn off the effects of visual effects and to boost up windows 11.

1) First, launch the start menu and find for view advanced system settings in the section to open.

2) in that system properties you will be a move to the advance tab. Now, move to settings by pressing on settings in the performance tab.

3) Now, four options will be shown there: adjust for best appearance, adjust for best performance, Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer and custom.

4) To Speed up windows 11, you only need to Choose the Adjust for the best performance option.

5) Also, you can choose custom and instead to icons check show thumbnail with smooth edges of screen fonts option.

6) Now simply press to apply.

Hence, now the visual effects in your Pc have been reduced and help your computer to Speed up Windows 11.


Hence, from the above-mentioned technique, we learn that how to enhance or boost up windows 11. If you have any doubt regarding speed up windows 11 you can Comment on us using the Comment section below regarding Speed up windows 11.


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