Best Ways To Dual Boot Windows 11 and Windows 10

Dual Boot Windows 11 and Windows 10

With dual boot configuration, most of us want dual boot windows 11 and windows 10. Many users are keen to know that how this works. How to dual boot windows 11 and windows 10?

Well, it’s not too hard to dual boot windows 11 and Windows 10 simultaneously. This can be quickly done through the dual boot configuration.

After the launch of Windows 11, most users are doing experiments on boot windows 10 and windows 11 simultaneously.

It can be easily done if your computer supports or is compatible with windows 11.

Points To Remember While You Boot Windows 11 and Windows 10

1) You should have a backup of the information which you have on your pc.

This is to prevent any reported misfortune during the conversation. Usually, double booting information can bring bad luck, and having reinforcements can prevent this.

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2) Download Windows 10 Media Creation Device.

3) Additionally, guarantee that your PC is charged or that your PC is connected to a force source during the conversation.

Methods To Dual Boot Windows 11 and Windows 10 simultaneously.

Dual boot windows 10 and windows 11

Below we have mentioned lists of the working methods which can help you in the dual boot of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

#1. Try To Upgrade Windows 10

You must first try to upgrade your windows 10 to windows 11 to dual boot Windows 11 and Windows 10 simultaneously. Audited Development is conveyed to windows 11.

#2. Must have a separate created partition

You should have a separately created partition for betterment.

Distinctive segment for an alternate adaptation of Windows guarantees that you don’t mess the records on both the framework.

To make a different segment, follow the means given underneath.

  • Firstly you need to begin with starting menu on Pc. After, that open disk management.
  • In the circle of the board, select any plate. You have to shrink it initially. To do this, right-click on the process you selected, and then click on the shrink volume.
  • Currently, enter the measurement of the room you need to retrain. You should enter the capacity in MB. Once done, click on contract. The total you shrink will be set aside as unallocated space.
  • Now, you need to choose Unallocated space and then right-click on it. After that, press New Simple Volume to create another volume.
  • You will be moved to the New Direct Volume Wizard. Follow the on-screen directions to create another segment.
  • new original volume wizard
  • You will have a different part on which you can present Windows 10. Keep the part on which Windows 11 is introduced and the segment you have to differentiate Windows 10.

#3. Bootable USB Creation

After you have created a separate parcel, you can create a bootable USB for Windows 10. We’re building a bootable USB here because we’ve effectively upgraded to Windows 11, and we’ll be introducing Windows 10 to double boot.

You can create a bootable USB in Windows 10 by following the manual to create bootable USB media in Windows 10.

#4. Windows 10 Installation

Currently, you should install Windows 10 besides Windows 11. It is guaranteed that you don’t install Windows 10 on Windows 11, though. Below are the means to install Windows 10.

  • Plugin the Windows 10 bootable USB media on your PC. turn off your PC.
  • Press Force Catch to turn it on and access the boot menu, keeping in mind that it’s on. By pressing the F1, F2, F10, F12, DEL, or Esc keys, you can do this. It may depend on the manufacturer. You can check out how to access the boot menu for your manufacturer on the web.
  • In the boot menu, select USB Drive. You will move to Windows 10 setup.
  • Then, select Language, Input Strategy, and Time & Cash Design. Once done, click directly.
  • Instructions to Dual Boot Windows 11 with Windows 10: Step-by-Step Guide
  • Start with the installation cycle.
  • Select the version of Windows, and then click Direct.
  • You will be contacted to agree to the agreements.
  • Then, it would help if you chose Installation Type-Upgrade and Custom. To install Windows 10 closer to Windows 11, select the Custom: Install Windows only (Progressive) option.
  • Then, you will be contacted to choose the parcel on which you need to install Windows 10. Select the package you created earlier. Once done, click directly.
  • Proceed with the conversation, and Windows 10 will be installed closer to Windows 11.
  • Your PC may install multiple times during the cycle. Once done, you should set up Windows 10. You have to double boot Windows 11 with Windows 10 effectively.
  • You will have the option to boot into Windows 10 and Windows 11 at any point you restart your PC.


Above, we have provided the best ways to boost windows 11 and Windows 10 simultaneously with easy methods. If you have any questions regarding booting windows 11 and Windows 10 simultaneously, you may ask in the Comments.


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