3D emojis could still be en route for Windows 11

3D emojis could Microsoft could still be working on accurate 3D emojis for Windows 11, as per a report by The Verge, based on a blog post by Nando Costa, a designer at Microsoft.

The software giant has been making only 2D emojis available for Windows 11 even after teasing that it would bring 3D emojis to the OS. While there has been no official announcement by the tech giant regarding the 3D emojis, Costa has given a detailed explanation of how the company is going about creating and incorporating the different types of emojis. As per the blog post, the company is still working on getting the 3D emojis onboard for Windows 11.

3D emojis could still be en route for Windows 11

“While the Fluent emojis are out for our customers to enjoy in Windows 11, and soon in Microsoft Teams, our job isn’t quite done. As expected, we plan to continue creating new designs every year based on new Unicode releases and will also explore investments in our exclusive concepts.”, said the blog post.

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In 2021, the company announced plans to bring about 1,800 emojis to Microsoft 365. These would be the updated, 3D versions of the 2D emojis, built by the Fluent Design language design. The 3D emojis will have bright colours with more saturation. Microsoft also planned to update the Teams app with close to 900 new 3D emojis to add more colour to the text-based conversation.

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